Friday, February 24, 2012

Fresh from the drawing table... Lich!

I have for you another drawing that is fresh from the drawing table. This time around it is a Lich! 'L' offers up a handful of monsters to choose and with so many of the previous letters there was a clear and obvious first choice and a close runner up. While the Lizardman was a no brainer for the first time through the alphabet the undead embodiment of a super powerful wizard is the stand out monster for pass two. I present to you my version of a Lich...

© 2012 Christopher Burdett

Hard to go wrong with undead monsters, they are such an iconic and tried and true monster. The living dead have been envisioned in many ways but I think they are best served when the mind of the living is still retained in the withered dead husk. For my Lich I went with less skeleton and more fleshy like a mummy. I imagined the body being dried out during the transformation rituals and then again loosed up and made flexible with arcane ointments and alchemical liniments. The important part though is that it is an undead super wizard that seek ever more power and eternal life through death. Had a lot of fun with this one, better watch out for that +5 staff of Hurting!

My first 100 original Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual redesigns (A - Z): Aerial Servant, Ankheg, Ant (Giant), Ape (Carnivorous), Ape (Gorilla), Axe Beak, Axe Beak (version 2), Baboon, Badger, Barracuda, Basilisk, Baluchitherium, Bear (Black), Bear (Brown), Bear (Cave), Beaver (Giant), Beetle (Giant) - Bombardier, Beetle (Giant) - Boring, Beetle (Giant) - Fire, Beetle (Giant) - Rhinoceros, Beetle (Giant) - Stag, Beetle (Giant) - Water, Beholder, Black Pudding, Blink Dog, Boar (Giant), Boar (Warthog), Boar (Wild), Brain Mole, Brownie, Bugbear, Buffalo, Bulette, Carrion Crawler, Catoblepas, Cerebral Parasite, Chimera, Cockatrice, Coutal, Crab (Giant), Demon Type III (Glabrezu), Demon (Juiblex), Demon (Manes), Devil (Ice), Dragon (Red), Elemental (Earth), Ettin, Eye of the Deep, Flightless Bird, Frog (Giant), Fungi (Violet), Giant (Hill), Goblin, Golem (Flesh), Hobgoblin, Homunculus, Hydra, Imp, Intellect Devourer, Ixitxachitl, Jackal, Jacklewere, Jaguar, Ki-Rin, Kobold, Lich, Lizard (Giant), Lizardman, Manticore, Mind Flayer, Minotaur, Naga, Neo-Otygugh, Nixie, Ochre Jelly, Ogre, Owlbear, Peryton, Pixie, Purple Worm, Quasit, Ram (Giant), Roper, Rust Monster, Sahuagin, Salamander, Shambling Mound, Treant, Troglodyte, Troll, Umber Hulk, Unicorn, Vampire, Wasp (Giant), Wight, Wyvern, Xorn, Yeti, and Zombie.        

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. Very neat. I get the feeling of some sort arabian merchant of him.