Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fresh from the drawing table... Earth Elemental!

I have for you another drawing that is fresh from the drawing table. This time around it is an Elemental, and to add some alliteration, an Earth Elemental! 'E' still offers some interesting monsters and I knew once I got to it a second time it needed to be an Elemental. Not only does the Earth Elemental nicely drive home the use of 'E' but it also offers up the chance to do something big and hulking! I present to you my version of an Earth Elemental...

Earth Elemental
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

Since Elementals are summoned I imagined that if you used a summoning circle or other magic marked upon the ground that it would become part of the summoned Elemental. The circle would just rise up, tearing from the ground as rock, soul and the very living earth would form up around it making a massive earthen juggernaut that would fight until destroyed completely or dispelled my the creator. No matter what, it will hit you with its rock fists and you will cry.

My first 100 original Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual redesigns (A - Z): Aerial Servant, Ankheg, Ant (Giant), Ape (Carnivorous), Ape (Gorilla), Axe Beak, Axe Beak (version 2), Baboon, Badger, Barracuda, Basilisk, Baluchitherium, Bear (Black), Bear (Brown), Bear (Cave), Beaver (Giant), Beetle (Giant) - Bombardier, Beetle (Giant) - Boring, Beetle (Giant) - Fire, Beetle (Giant) - Rhinoceros, Beetle (Giant) - Stag, Beetle (Giant) - Water, Beholder, Black Pudding, Blink Dog, Boar (Giant), Boar (Warthog), Boar (Wild), Brain Mole, Brownie, Bugbear, Buffalo, Bulette, Carrion Crawler, Catoblepas, Cerebral Parasite, Chimera, Cockatrice, Coutal, Crab (Giant), Demon Type III (Glabrezu), Demon (Juiblex), Demon (Manes), Devil (Ice), Dragon (Red), Elemental (Earth), Ettin, Eye of the Deep, Flightless Bird, Frog (Giant), Fungi (Violet), Giant (Hill), Goblin, Golem (Flesh), Hobgoblin, Homunculus, Hydra, Imp, Intellect Devourer, Ixitxachitl, Jackal, Jacklewere, Jaguar, Ki-Rin, Kobold, Lich, Lizard (Giant), Lizardman, Manticore, Mind Flayer, Minotaur, Naga, Neo-Otygugh, Nixie, Ochre Jelly, Ogre, Owlbear, Peryton, Pixie, Purple Worm, Quasit, Ram (Giant), Roper, Rust Monster, Sahuagin, Salamander, Shambling Mound, Treant, Troglodyte, Troll, Umber Hulk, Unicorn, Vampire, Wasp (Giant), Wight, Wyvern, Xorn, Yeti, and Zombie.        

I will hopefully see you back here on Friday, a lot going on, but I will do my best to get something up on the blog! Until then...

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