Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Gen Con 2018 - Day 4

Today I am sharing some images and thoughts from day 4 of Gen Con. All good things come to an end, even Gen Con. After a month or more of build up and prep, two days of driving, and afternoon of setup and getting ready... the best four days in gaming is over in a blink of the eye. Very full days and troubled sleep help make it even shorter. Oh well... Sunday was my second best day at the con this year and was a great way to wrap things up. I was even making sales after the show had closed which is really nice. My original drawing sale was a HUGE success and I sent lots of drawings to new homes. I still have a large stack of drawings, so I may continue the sale at the rest of my conventions this year. Sunday was a blur since Saturday night was my worst night's sleep, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I used that time to work on a game plan to insure I can get the most work done moving forward. Tear down went quickly and easily and was followed up with our annual Japanese dinner with friends. A wonderful way to end a great convention. All in all this Gen Con was really great. I am fairly confident that it was my second best year at Gen Con, last year being the best. Already looking ahead to Gen Con 2019 and especially 2020!

Here are some images from Day 4 of Gen Con 2018...

 The crowds were a little lighter on Sunday.

 This years balloon sculpture. Not really sure what that is.

 The state of the table by Sunday. Things are shifted around. Things are sold out. It is all a bit of a mess.

 Still a busy busy day on our row.

 Over the wall and it is a very busy art show.

 All the people looking at all the art.

 Brain Stillman holding the Gen Con Best Documentary award for Eye of the Beholder!

 The room that had been full of busy activity for day is now empty.

 They take the walls down quicker and quicker each year.

 This year the walls cam down while I was away getting my boxes and cart. Luckily Dear Wife was there to take my paintings off the walls before someone laid hands on the wall.

 Everyone hard at work tearing down Gen Con.

 Even though I am leaving with less stuff it is always interesting how it all takes up more room on the trip home. Two more days of driving found us home at last.

That is all for another exciting Tuesday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Gen Con 2018 - Day 3

Today I am sharing some images and thoughts from day 3 of Gen Con. Saturday was the biggest best day for me this year. Had some big sales and I don't recall many slow moments at the table. While people may not be able to get off work to be there Thursday and Friday, EVERYONE is there on Saturday. It was just a really solid, really busy day. If everyday at every convention was like Saturday there would never be a bad convention. That said, I would run out of things rather quickly. Good thing I am working on a book. While the day was busy, the night was where the excitement was.

Saturday night was the premiere of Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons. EotB is a documentary about the history and people involved in the creation of Dungeons & Dragons art and I just so happened to be in it. The most excellent trio of Brian Stillman, Kelley Slagle, and Seth C. Polansky are responsible for the film and not only are they great people and friends, they made a really great film. I can not say enough good things about EotB. I may be bias, but it is a really solid film with a great narrative featuring all the people that made the D&D art what it is and launched the imaginations of many generations of artists and players. I can not wait till it is widely available so that everyone can see it. So good and so happy to have been able to see it at the premiere! RAWR!

Here are some images from Day 3 of Gen Con 2018...

The crowds are still at it even before the hall opens. I wonder if some of these people even moved from where they were days before.

 The crowd amassed outside the main entrance into the hall.

 The biggest miniature I have seen lately. This thing is gorgeous, but I just could not justify the expense. No where to put it and I would never get around to painting it.

 Looking over the wall and the very busy art show.

 And over the wall in the other direction.

 Photos never do it justice. There were a LOT of people in the hall on Saturday.

 A sketch on the back of a Magic card.

 Got my hands on the new Steve Prescott sketchbook, complete with sketch!

 This fellow is relevant to my interests!

 Sending another painting to a good home!

 Another Magic sketch.

 While I was not advertising that I was doing Pokemon sketches this year, if someone wanted one I would do them. Apparently someone in the art show told someone of my Pokemon sketches and I had to be true to my word.

 The AWESOME glow in the dark EotB screening button that were given out. SO COOL!

 Packed screening with standing room only!

 Kelley, Seth, and Brian after the screening doing some Q&A.

The film makers and attending D&D artists in a nice group shot.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here Tuesday for more coverage of Gen Con! Until then...

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Gen Con 2018 - Day 2

Today I am sharing some images and thoughts from day 2 of Gen Con, which was exactly a week ago today. Friday felt slower to me at the table, but sales were up from Thursday, so people were coming by. The morning was definitely slow and it felt like there was a couple completely empty hours before the day picked up and by afternoon it was very busy again. Friday evening is the Art Show award ceremony. Nice to see everyone in one place and there were a LOT of new faces, several of which took home awards. I had a bunch of photos of the winners... but did not get them all, so instead of just showing some I decided to leave them all out. Sorry. A huge crowd of us all went to dinner awards and much merriment was to be had! Friday was a really great day when it was all said and done.

I had a lot of problems with my sleep schedule at Gen Con this year. I was falling to sleep just fine, but I was waking up 3-4 hours later wide awake with a million things on my mind unable to get back to sleep. This lead to me retiring earlier and earlier for the night and then being up longer and longer each following day. Not the best recipe for staying up late hanging out with art family and being my best at the table. In the end I was about to use that extra time awake in the early hours of the day to think about my art, The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia, work distractions, and a game plan for the coming months. All that said, I had an amazing time at Gen Con, I just wish my sleep had behaved a little more so I could have done more.

Here are some images from Day 2 of Gen Con 2018...

After sales on Thursday I had to rearrange the wall to better use the space.

 Good to see that my Wookiee painting is making a return in X-Wing 2.0 and that I will continue to be relevant in the FFG Star Wars games.

 While I did sign a lot of card this year, it felt that I singed a lot fewer.

 Instead of one giant board that everyone signs and doodles on we were all give small sheets that we could work on separately. A MUCH better solution and I bet better for everyone involved. These were all auctioned off for charity.

 Life on the other side of the wall. While I may have been a little slow early in the day it was thankfully busy inside the art show.

 More over the wall...

 ...and one more.

 A gift of dice that is relevant to my interest! Thanks Tina and Jason!

 Steve being Steve.

 Learned that my old Faceless Abductor was reused for the new Arkham game by FFG when I was asked to sign one.

 A view of the crowds I rarely see. This was on our way to the art show awards.

 Our hosts, judges, and presenters for the art show awards. While we may be in the basement, this venue is WAY better than the super hot little room in the Westin hotel.

 This restaurant seems relevant to my interests, but our reservations were for P.F. Changs.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here Monday for more coverage of Gen Con! Until then...

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gen Con 2018 - Day 1

Today I am sharing some images and thoughts from day 1 of Gen Con, which was exactly a week ago today. One week past and it is already starting to feel like it was a million years ago. I have said it, friends have said it, but Gen Con goes by much to quickly and there is never enough time while you are there. That is why it is important to make the most of the moments. Unfortunately, my sleep schedule got all messed up going into the con and only got worse while I was there. This led to me bowing out early several evenings with the rest I was looking for never arriving. Of course now that I am home again my sleep is right as rain. Anyway, but to Gen Con...

Thursday was a busy day for sure. It ended up being my least profitable day, but it sure felt bust and there was a lot going on. Of course there were sales that happened on Thursday that did not conclude until Saturday or Sunday, and that is why I look at the con as a whole and not worry about the day to day sales. ...even though I worry. A little. Saw a LOT of familiar faces both behind and in front of tables. I don't really recall any down time, it was a steady flow all day and it is hard to find fault with that. There are two distinct sounds of Gen Con, the roar of the crowds outside the hall before they are let in on Thursday and the cheers of the exhibitors at the end of the day on Sunday. This year's roar, while not as terrifying as last year, was something to fear. I did a lot of sketching on things the first day, which is why my sketch rate at cons went up this year. Thursday afternoon was also the panel I was a part of that focused on being an artist in the the tabletop gaming industry. It was a load of fun and I think we all could have talked for at least another hour without any trouble. The nights of Gen Con are filled with friends, food, and fun.

Here are some images from Day 1 of Gen Con 2018...

Even before the hall opened there were hundreds already playing and enjoying games throughout the convention center.

A small glimpse at the crowds awaiting entry into the main hall.

A quick look around from my table before the crowds...

...and a look in the other direction.

A look up over the wall.

 Another look up over the wall. 

And another look up over the wall. Look at that nice new Art Show sign that spins!

A gelatinous cube was one of the requested sketches this year.

As well as a treasure chest and a mountain of gold and riches.

Apparently the gelatinous cube was a popular request this year.

Another rust monster, a classic monster and a fan favorite.

I was thrilled beyond thrilled to receive another one of these hand made 3D Magic card sculptures. This is my second one with my first gifted to me last year. These pieces are amazing and I am humbled to have one made for me, let alone two. This are prized pieces and they are very special to me. I can not thank the creator of them enough!

A peacock sketch on the back of a peacock card.

A look out at the crowd for our talk. It was really great and there were lots of good questions during the Q&A.

The dinner crew Thursday night. Much pizza was consumed!

That is all for another exciting Thursday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for more coverage of Gen Con! Until then...

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