Monday, October 24, 2011

A day or two to catch my breath...

I hit post 450 last week here on the blog, it kind of just snuck up on me. I have been doing my best to post three times a week here on the blog through the worst of deadlines, while I was on vacation, and even through when I have been sick (most of the time). Of course then there are those times when I am at a convention or event and for some reason I feel the need to post everyday of said event... Well, I think it caught up to me finally.

You may have noticed I missed posting this past Friday. I think I just need a day or two to let the blog part of my brain cool down a bit before I jump back into it all. With Illuxcon 4 right around the corner which means blogging nonstop for the entire event I am going to need the blog brain in full tip top shape. I have plenty to share with you and I have lots of exciting stuff hopefully coming out of NDA very soon, so fear naught for the future of the blog. I just need another day or two to recoup.

In the interim I suggest a recent article over on The ArtOrder all about blogs.

Fear naught! I will be back later in the week with new content! Until then...

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