Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh from the drawing table... Vampire!

I have for you today another drawing that is fresh from the drawing table. This time around it is a Vampire! "V" had but one monster listing, so the decision was rather easy. The only hurdle for this monster was my rather strong dislike for the contemporary incarnation of the Vampire. I pressed on and came up with a monster more of my liking. I present to you my version of a Vampire...

© 2011 Christopher Burdett

Vampires are not pretty. Vampires do not sparkle. Vampires are MONSTERS. Vampires are extremely powerful but their power is balanced by their weaknesses. Being a Vampire is not a treat or something to strive for. Did I mention that whole part about them being monsters?

Moving on... I wanted to catch this particular Vampire in the process of changing back into it's human guise after landing in bat form. Basically, image him saying, "SKREEEEEEEE!" and you will have the whole experience. I was really torn in how extreme to make his monstrous form, looking at this again I wonder if I erred on the said of caution. That can always be fixed later. I will leave you with the reminder that Vampires are monsters... MONSTERS!

My first 100 original Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual redesigns (A - Z): Aerial Servant, Ankheg, Ant (Giant), Ape (Carnivorous), Ape (Gorilla), Axe Beak, Axe Beak (version 2), Baboon, Badger, Barracuda, Basilisk, Baluchitherium, Bear (Black), Bear (Brown), Bear (Cave), Beaver (Giant), Beetle (Giant) - Bombardier, Beetle (Giant) - Boring, Beetle (Giant) - Fire, Beetle (Giant) - Rhinoceros, Beetle (Giant) - Stag, Beetle (Giant) - Water, Beholder, Black Pudding, Blink Dog, Boar (Giant), Boar (Warthog), Boar (Wild), Brain Mole, Brownie, Bugbear, Buffalo, Bulette, Carrion Crawler, Catoblepas, Cerebral Parasite, Chimera, Cockatrice, Coutal, Crab (Giant), Demon Type III (Glabrezu), Demon (Juiblex), Demon (Manes), Devil (Ice), Dragon (Red), Elemental (Earth), Ettin, Eye of the Deep, Flightless Bird, Frog (Giant), Fungi (Violet), Giant (Hill), Goblin, Golem (Flesh), Hobgoblin, Homunculus, Hydra, Imp, Intellect Devourer, Ixitxachitl, Jackal, Jacklewere, Jaguar, Ki-Rin, Kobold, Lich, Lizard (Giant), Lizardman, Manticore, Mind Flayer, Minotaur, Naga, Neo-Otygugh, Nixie, Ochre Jelly, Ogre, Owlbear, Peryton, Pixie, Purple Worm, Quasit, Ram (Giant), Roper, Rust Monster, Sahuagin, Salamander, Shambling Mound, Treant, Troglodyte, Troll, Umber Hulk, Unicorn, Vampire, Wasp (Giant), Wight, Wyvern, Xorn, Yeti, and Zombie.      

That is all for today on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. @ImperatorBellum on TwitterApril 25, 2011 at 12:36 PM

    While I agree that Vampires are monsters; and I also dislike the sparkly, cool, glamorized vampire: I also think that sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones that look most human.