Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Day Three

First things first. These are the things I have learned from the artists I have interacted with here at Comic Con:

1) As long as the tone is correct the color does not matter.

2) It is okay to let details fall away to help direct the eye and tell the story of the painting.


4) Know your lighting, spend some time and really think about it, and take reference if you need to. Lighting is key.

5) If the image is warmly lit, primary shadows should be cool with secondary shadows warm. If the image is cooly lit, primary shadows should be warm with secondary shadows cool.

6) Even spacing is boring.

Saturday is the big day and you could really tell. There was more of everything. More lines, more chaos, more people, more costumes and more awesome. My luck has held up and I continue to have some great interactions with some amazing artists. Finally ran into Kristina Carroll, if you are not familiar with her work it is beautiful to behold. Had an amazing portfolio review and critique from Greg Manchess. Greg is an incredible artist and so very insightful with many helpful comments and advice. Briefly saw Nicole Cardiff at Greg's table but I was heading from point A to B and could not stay as long as I wanted. Stopped by the booth of a friend of mine from college, Randall Christopher. Randall makes comics, tells stories and is an animator. Really fun stuff and he had a new comic as a free hand out! Good stuff! I also had the chance to stop by several booths of companies that created the types of products I was interested in working on. There was also a lot of drifting through the crowds. Still not sure what compels people to stop dead in their tracks while walking in a densely packed group of people.

The Wizards of the Coast artist / art director event was tonight. Amazing times! So much talent in one small room. The one photo I took could never do justice to the awesomeness of the event. Most of the artists I have talked to and met all weekend were there and it allowed the perfect opportunity to swap stories and get to know everyone a lot better. Many new artists and folks looking to break into the business attending as well and was great for everyone. I have been looking forward to having the chance to attend one of these since hearing Jon Schindehette talk about the event he hosted at the New York Comic Con. The get together moved onto another venue and continued much later into the night then the wife and I could manage since we are still on East Coast time. Good times though. One of the highlights of the evening was to finally meet John Stanko. Talented and gracious, John was a real pleasure to meet.

Here are today's crappy photos of cool and awesome stuff. ENJOY!

Get three rings over a milk jar and win a Furry!

Saturday craziness. I fear for a zombie outbreak today. There would be no hope.

Everyone has to take one photo of a Comic Con banner.

I feel compelled to RESIST LEGION.

Some sort of deep sea fish in armor.

Sketches by Jim Nelson and Steve Ellis.

The might sketch of Todd Lockwood!

Randall Christopher's free comic. Good stuff!

Jon Heder in the flesh.

Just for you Rodney, Captain Jack. Happy now?

A crappy photo of the awesome Wizards of the Coast Event!

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  1. Ok I'm intrigued, what do you mean exactly that when the tone is correct the color doesn't matter, do you have an example of that so I can go "ahhhhhhh".


  2. Thanks for posting the sketches, looking sweet and space for a few more too!
    Jon Heder looks the spitting image of my next door neighbour (I wonder if he voted Pedro?)
    By the way I had no idea the Mighty Boosh was big in the USA.
    Thanks again for all the info.

  3. @Felipe - No example I can show you. Forgot to take a picture. But what it comes down to is that as long as the tonal values for a painting are correct you can use just about any color you want to and it will be believable to the eye. Greg mentioned that you can have yellow shadows if you really wanted to, as long as the tone of the yellow was correct. I hope that helps... Greg and Todd really can explain it well.

    @David - They are great sketches and there is loads more room. For some of us here the Boosh is huge. Some folks just don't get it. The wife and I just love it. I was sent an Old Gregg clip a year and a half or more ago and I was hooked.