Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Day One

Where to start? Lots and lots of walking around through massive amounts of people all while carrying my heavy heavy bag. Caught up with a bunch of artists today, really fun times! Jim Nelson, Todd Lockwood, Patrick McEvoy and MuYoung Kim to name a few. Everyone so far has been super awesome and even cooler then I was imagining they would be in person. Got Todd Lockwood and Jim Nelson to sign my Monster Manual 2, still need to get Steve Ellis to do the same. Broke in the Ninja Mountain digital audio recorder with Patrick McEvoy. Hopefully the background noise won't be too over powering. I have been promised that what we recorded will be edited done to 20 seconds of gold. So that will pretty much leave just me telling everyone what my websites are.

Here are some pics, forgive the poor cell phone quality. Will try harder tomorrow!

BEHOLD! The hallowed all of geekdom!

Those are weird looking Stormtroopers.

Jim Nelson hard at work!

A rare picture of an actual ninja!


Robot. Know the difference.

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  1. I laughed a lot with the last two pictures, I don't know the difference though xD

  2. :D Patrick is a true ninja. His face can't be photographed!

  3. Is the gun on that cyborg really made from a paint roller?

  4. @Jan - He was crafty, but I was finally able to snap a couple of pictures of him in action.

    @daTim - Sure looked like it to me!