Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Day Four

Better late then never. The hotel we were staying at didn't have the best internet and I had been using the WiFi at the convention center. I wanted to have this up for you sooner, but it had to wait till now as I sit in the San Diego airport. With out further delay....

Comic Con 2009 - Day Four

We finally find ourselves at the very end. A day or two ago it felt like the Comic Con had been going on for a week and a half and now it is hard to believe it is already over. The wife and I are exhausted and moving kind of slow today. It is hard to tell from the crowd that this is suppose to be the slowest day. A lot of walking around and saying goodbye to folks. Didn't find everyone but that is what email is for. My cousin took the train down from LA this morning and we had the chance to hang out and walk the exhibit floor just taking it all in. Good times! Finally had a chance to stop by the book sellers and small press rows. I could go broke on the amazing books to be found at Comic Con. Five o'clock came much too quickly and the crowds spilled out of the convention center into the streets of San Diego as the streets were awash with unwashed masses. This marked the end of the San Diego Comic Con 2009. Hope you enjoyed my coverage of the con, I had a blast and had some wonderful times.

Here are today's crappy photos of cool and awesome stuff. ENJOY!

The crowds of unwashed nerd.

Hard to believe this is the last day. I remember when Sunday was a ghost town.

They have really done a weird redesign on the Batmobile.

It's Randall Christopher!

Mega 64 craziness.
More Mega 64 craziness.
Some sort of giant Stormtrooper.

Don't remember Stormtroopers being big and green.

Sideshow Collectibles awesomeness.

Grock this!

That's all folks!

Tomorrow is our trip to the zoo to see the pandas and elephants. I will have some picture to share from there as well. Until then...

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  1. It was some crazy fun times this week, Chris!!!

    Just crazy...


  2. Crazy AWESOME fun times! :)

    ...and exhausting, don't forget exhausting.