Monday, December 6, 2010

Explore Q'barra: Poison Dusk, Black Sun

Today on the blog I am very excited to be finally bringing you a new piece for Dungeons and Dragons! The piece appeared last Thursday in Dungeon Magazine issue 185 and surprise surprise it features lots and lots of MONSTERS...

Warriors of the Poison Dusk
© 2010 Wizards of the Coast

When Jon Schindehette gave me this assignment he said I should be able to have some fun with it ...that was an understatement. I looked at the art order and saw loads and loads of awesome monsters, how could I not have fun! Kobolds are some of my favorite D&D rank and file monsters and I of course love lizard folk... because they are giant lizard monsters. The real treat was to finally have a chance to work on an illustration of a troglodyte since I redesigned them for 4th Edition. I had so much fun with this piece and it really gave me the opportunity to push myself outside my comfort zone. Typically I only create pieces with one, maybe two creatures tops, and well, this has just a few more.

A big thanks goes out to Jon for getting me involved on this assignment! I had a lot of fun with it and really happy with how it turned out. I will be posting a step by step process for this piece in the near future and will talk about everything that went into it.

That is all for today. I will be back on Wednesday with some something for your hands! Until then...

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  1. Awesome piece Chris, you are really stepping through the gears.Some lovely painting in there. look forward to seeing the process shots.

  2. yea this one is realy cool loads to see in there :D

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you are enjoying this piece. It was really fun to work on and offered a lot of cool things to created. :)