Thursday, December 2, 2010

WIP Podcast Episode 20

You should head on over and check out WIP Podcast #20, SUPER DELUXE Illuxcon round table extravaganza! Not only will you find the hosts of WIP: Jeff Himmelman, Caroline Himmelman, Pete Mohrbacher and Anna Mohrbacher, but there are special guests: Drew Baker, Jeremy Wilson, Marc Scheff, Aaron Miller and ME! This episode recaps everyone's highlights and experiences at Illuxcon as well as some great discussion about art and folks thoughts on the industry. What more could you ask for?

More? Did someone ask for more? Well, don't worry, a lot more was recorded at Illuxcon and will be coming your way very soon! Just to clarify, RUN, don't walk on over to the WIP website and give WIP Podcast #20 a listen!

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  1. Hello... great blog, thanks for sharing all that cool stuff from Illuxocon. I never heard of the event.. looks so much fun, I definitely need to visit next year!
    alright well I will be heading to you podcast now :)

  2. Great crap, Chris!