Friday, December 3, 2010

Talisman: Sacred Pool (part 2)

Wrapping up my contributions to the newly released Talisman: Scared Pool today. If you missed the PRETTY PONIES, you can check them out HERE. After working on those pretty pretty ponies I moved onto three pieces featuring people. Yes, you heard right, people. I know I tend to be monster-centric but not every art order that comes my way is all about the monsters. It is a good chance to rise to the challenge and do some of the best not so beautiful people that I can...

Warlock’s Apprentice
© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games

Fortune's Fool
© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games

I am really happy with how the Warlock’s Apprentice and Vindicator turned out and the Apprentice is my favorite piece from this batch. While working on these back in April I was still shaking off some really bad habits and these bad habits almost permanently affected/ruined these pieces. The most grievous bad habits was not using enough reference and the reference I had was not being used effectively. This was all leading me down a road to making... well, to be blunt, crap. I had to make the decision that I can and will do better... to really get serious about these pieces and give them my all. I will be talking more about all this very soon. Needless to say I am really happy to share these with you, they mark a personal milestone for me and my work.

That wraps up another week on the blog! See you back here on Monday for some honest to goodness brand new MONSTERS! Until then...

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