Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Illuxcon 2009 - Wrap Up

Illuxcon 2009 has come and gone and I am now recovering from the fun. Still very much sleep deprived and desperately trying to catch up on things. I hope it will only be another day or so before all is back in order... cross those fingers. I can't say enough of how amazing the Illuxcon experience was. Truly a unique experience! I extend heartfelt thanks to Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire for all their blood, sweat and tear to create this venue for artist, students and collectors.

I have gone back and corrected some spelling and grammar issues on my posts about Illuxcon (hopefully I caught them all) as well as linked all the artists to their appropriate web sites. Due to time issues I only linked folks on their first mention. Take a moment and check out all the amazing artists that were at Illuxcon that were nice enough to let me talk to them ;) I hopefully will be answering all the questions and comments left on Illuxcon posts very soon.

Illuxcon coverage Day 1

Illuxcon coverage Day 2

Illuxcon coverage Day 3

Illuxcon coverage Day 4

Be sure to check out even more coverage of Illuxcon 2009 over at Kristina Carroll's blog, Jeremy McHugh's blog as well as several post on Art Order: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The fun never ends at Illuxcon and dancing should never be photographed with a flash. Until next time...

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website: www.christopherburdett.com


  1. You just couldn't resist, could you :)

  2. The little devil on my shoulder made me hit the submit button ...honest! You might notice, I never named names ... so it could be anyone in that picture. ...right? :)

  3. haha.. wow. Jon, partying like a rock star.