Friday, November 13, 2009

Illuxcon DAY 2

I am writing and posting as fast as I can because things are still going on. Day 2 is / was amazing. I had my portfolio review with Ben Thompson and Jeremy Cranford this morning and I got a lot out of it and didn't cry. After that is was an intense day of demos and seminars. After being unable to get into the standing room only round table discussion on the "Art of Self Promotion" led by Donato Giancola, Ruth Sanderson, Caniglia, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell I attended "Drawing the Female Form" by Larry Elmore. Very insightful and fun. A quick bite to eat and I was back to the auditorium for "Collaborative Sculpting Demonstration" with Jordu Schell and Tom Kuebler. Jordu was a laugh riot and they both had great stories and insights to share... including favorite movies and why people that use Zbrush aren't artist (Jordu's opinion not mine, take it up with him). Another quick break and by to the auditorium for "Collaborative Acrylic Painting Demonstration" with Michael Whelan and Christopher Moeller. This made me want to get rid of my computer and by paint. WOW! They made painting and creating art seem so easy and fun. I just wanted to play with the paint with them as they worked. I had a great dinner with Lars Grant-west, Mike Sass and Art Order's own Jon Schindehette. Lots of great art and industry talk. The evenings events at were capped off with a live bronze pour held by Vincent Villafranca. Vincent will be cracking the molds tomorrow so we will see how everything turned out then.

It is amazing just how excited and enthusiastic everyone is about art, fantasy and the spirit of creativity. Very refreshing! I mentioned it before, this whole experience is all at once humbling and empowering. So much greatness all under one roof. I did not spend a lot of time in the gallery space today because of the demos and events. Tomorrow will probably be spent mostly in the auditorium or classrooms as well. So much to ingest and digest. One thing I did pick up from Dave Seeley and Lars Grant-West today, NEVER date your work. If you want to show a great piece of work you did 10 years ago you do not want a date on it that says it is 10 years stale. Take off the date, show it forever (if it is good strong work). What else... oh yeah... work as hard as you can and do the best job you can do and ALWAYS keep trying to get to the next level. Sorry I can't give more specific info yet... still just trying to take it all in. Here are some pics before I head back into the maelstrom...

A drawing by Lars Grant-West I purchased yesterday.

One of the amazing pieces by Tom Kuebler on display.

Jordu Schell and Tom Kuebler triumphant after a great demo.

Jordu Schell and Tom Kuebler piece. Tom did the bust and Jordu did the creature.

Michael Whelan hard at work on his first piece.

After a pass by both Michael Whelan and Christopher Moeller this one is considered done for now.

Christopher Moeller working on his second piece of the afternoon.

Christopher Moeller wraps this one up and moves on to...

...number 3 of the day. Between the 2 of them they started 6 paintings.

Vincent Villafranca has removed the furnace and the bronze is ready for pouring.

Molten bronze at a temperature of 2000 degrees. We will find out how they turned out tomorrow!

*YAWN* Still more to go tonight and another big day tomorrow! I hope I can keep up with it all...

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  1. Holy crap on a everything, I am so freakin' jealous, but since you're such a nice guy, I guess I can get over it!

    Oh, and my love of Jordu has gone up even further! Take that souless 3D mean...yeah...

  2. my gosh look at all the awesome O_o
    I can see why your brain is about to explode!
    *stares intently at that Lars Grant-West pic*
    o so cool.

  3. Chris...Let's talk about those blackmail pics of me dancing last night :)

  4. Hey Christopher, what medium was that drawing by Lars Grant-West done in? It's a nice piece.

  5. @ John Ward, the piece I got from Lars is Pencil and light washing of paint. It is indeed a great piece. I consider myself very lucky.

    @ Jon Schindehette, if it happens at Illuxcon does it stay at Illuxcon ;)

    @ Mu Young and Jeffrey, I suggest you sell everything short of your soul to make it to one of these. ... well, that might be a bit extreme. But none the less, if you think you can make it, GO!