Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Buttons - Illuxcon

As promised, here are some images of my new buttons that I will be handing out at Illuxcon in just a couple of days. This marks my second time I will be using buttons as a promotional item, the first being this past San Diego Comic Con. If you missed the buttons I made for Comic Con, you can see them HERE. The three favorites are back with two new additions, a black and white piece from Knockspell #2 and the Dragon Rage Barbarian. Be sure to ask for a button or two at Illuxcon, I will be happy to oblige!

Collect all 5! Or at least the 2 new ones you don't already have!

Nothing like a crappy photo to really sell the awesomeness that are these buttons. Trust me, they look really really good.

My friend Chris Presley was kind enough to once again make these for me and if that was not enough he made me 130 of them. In my opinion they are even better then the first batch. So don't be shy, make sure you ask for one (if you really want to) ... and don't forget to ask about my sketch cards!

I will be traveling tomorrow and should be updating my adventures via twitter. I will try to have another normal blog post tomorrow (albeit late) since I should have a new piece of work released tomorrow! For that matter I have a ton of work being released today for a game I worked on... but that will have to all wait till next week (sorry). If all goes to plan, I will be posting images and thoughts about Illuxcon over the weekend... cross those fingers! Until then...

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website: www.christopherburdett.com


  1. You MUST have a complete collection! Gotta catch them all... or something...