Friday, November 20, 2009

The Far Wilds - Borderlands ( part 2 )

Today I have for you the last five pieces from The Far Wilds: Borderlands and a funny little story about the great circle of life and art. If you missed it, on Wednesday I posted the first half of the pieces I produced for the online game, The Far Wilds. Not much more to add about these that I have not already said (save for the last piece) so without any further delay...

Galog Bullfrog
© 2009 Code Collective, LLC

The Cortex
© 2009 Code Collective, LLC

Twisted Nomad
© 2009 Code Collective, LLC

Vessel of Cathil
© 2009 Code Collective, LLC

Yarnagas Lab Assistant
© 2009 Code Collective, LLC

Yarnagas Lab Assistant was not originally produced for The Far Wilds. If is a modified piece that I had made for myself. While I was working on other cards for the game I was approached about turning the piece into a card. The client had been checking out my website and came across it and thought it would suit their needs. I was happy to oblige and eager to see the pieces used in a game. Here is the unmodified piece:

Finishing Touches - 2007

The beginning of the year is always an introspective time for me and the beginning of 2007 was no different. I was looking back on the work I had done up to that point and was trying to get a feel of it. I kept coming back to some of the pieces I had done in college 8-10 years earlier. Not for their quality but for the ideas and stories that I had wanted to tell and was not able to due to my lack of experience and skill. One piece, the very first etching I had ever done, kept catching my eye. Having gone through a fine arts program I met resistance at every turn and the continuous drone insisting "monster are not ART". My etching of a dragon man working on a mysterious magical orb in his laboratory received the expected reaction. I knew I could have been more successful with the piece, that with the right guidance and instruction it could be more. So 10 years after the first incarnation I recreated the piece trying to better tell the story and set the mood. I was happy with how it turned out and even happier that 12 years after making the original it now lives on in a game. If you are curious, against my better judgment, I give you the original etching done while I was in school back in 1997:

Untitled (Not really but the real title really sucked) 1997

I find it very humorous and humbling that this little piece has had such a strange adventure over the years. You never know the life your art will live. Don't let anyone tell you what your voice should be with your art. Make the things you want to make, do them as well as you can, the right people will be receptive to it. Until next time...

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  1. Oh man, that Yarnagas Lab Assistant/Finishing Touches piece is gorgeous! And I love the old etching/aquatint, too, but for different reasons. XD Kind of looks like Godzilla snuck into someone's lab.

  2. I remember that etching! Looking through old work and sketches is a good idea. I have so many incomplete and poorly executed ideas that I could take in new directions...

    Speaking of etchings, 'Print Rats' has made its way into a frame after all these years. :)

  3. Wow, these are fun. Great job Chris! I actually really liked seeing your old stuff. It's nice to see where an artist comes from.

    It was great to finally meet you last weekend by the way. I'm sure I'll see you kicking my ass on the ArtOrder blog again.

  4. @ Cacodaemonia, Thanks! I really liked working on the Finishing Touches piece, too bad my client base does not want work from me in that style or I would do more like it.

    @ Wyatt, I would hope you would! ;) It is always good to remember wince you came and where you need to go. Very cool about Print Rats! :) One of my favorites from back then.

    @ Piya, Thanks! I may be digging out some of my old old old work from time to time... when it is relevant. And yes, it was great to meet you at Illuxcon! I hope to get back to ArtOrder sooner rather then later when my schedule allows it.