Sunday, November 15, 2009

Illuxcon DAY 3

Day 3 of Illuxcon is now over (for me at least). I am exhausted, too much awesome. I spent the majority of the day in classroom 1 for program events. First up was "Works and Processes" with John Jude Palencar. Very informative and insightful. If you are not familiar with his work you should really check it out. This was quickly followed by what I think is the highlight so far for me at Illuxcon, the "Round Table: Art Director FAQ" with Jon Schindehette, Robh Ruppel, Ben Thompson, Jeremy Cranford and Lou Anders. This was two hours of Q and A prompted by a packed room. So much helpful information and insightful views behind the curtain of the life of the art director. I could have sat there another two hours easily. I did make sure to check in of the "Collaborative Oil Painting Demonstration" with Don Maitz, Jeff Easley, Volkan Baga and Dan Dos Santos so I can say I actually saw Jeff Easley painting.

I spent the rest of the day talking with artists and walking the gallery floor. In the process I showed a lot of artists I look up to my portfolio to get their feedback and talk about process and ways to improve. Lars Grant-West offered some great feedback and advice and helped my digest a lot of what I came away with from my review yesterday with Ben Thompson and Jeremy Cranford. As evening turned into night everyone either gathered for dinner or prepared for the Showcase Event help at the Ramada Hotel. After dinner I was able to steal a little time with Jon Schindehette for a portfolio review and to talk about my work and to even more break down what i need to do with my work and to which direction I need and want to take it. I think this was the most enjoyable review I have had regarding my own work and an art director. If you ever have a chance for a review with Jon take it! He also deserves a metal for taking on extra reviews and working late into the night. Thanks Jon! The night concluded with the Showcase Event at the Ramada Hotel. This was a venue to allow young and up coming artist as well as collectors to display and sell their work. Somehow I didn't hear, know or understand what this was going to be because I really would have liked to be a part of it (always next year). While there I was trilled to be interviewed by Ninja Mountain Podcast's very own Jeremy McHugh. I am looking forward to hearing the 10 seconds of gold I provided for the podcast. One of the artist at the Showcase Event was my friend Aaron Miller, he is a great artist and you should really go check out his beautiful work! For some reason I completely forgot to take pictures of the event to share with you (may bad). Here are some pics from today's activities, now I will fall over in exhaustion...

Jeremy McHugh talking with John Jude Palencar.

Jon Schindehette and Robh Ruppel sharing their secrets!

The world famous Steve Prescott at his booth!

Vincent Villafranca with his pieces from last night's bronze pour.

The world famous Lars Grant-West as this booth!

The world famous William O'Connor at his booth!

The world famous Cyril Van Der Haegen ignoring me for his painting!

The world famous silhouette of Dave Seeley at his booth!

Jeff Easley painting!

A piece that Jordu Schell is working on at his booth.

My apologies for any spelling, grammar or other errors, I am writing these post really quickly and don't have time to catch everything. I will correct any grievous issues soon. Thanks for you understanding!

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