Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illuxcon DAY 1

DAY 1! My mind is still recovering. I thought it was going to be a day of waiting for things to start this evening at 6 but this morning I found myself riding over with Cyril Van Der Haegen, Lars Grant-West and Dave Seeley in the Art Van. I was able to watch as everything came together as the artist slowly arrived and began setting their work up. It was like Artist Christmas. The sheer amount of WIN and AWESOME in the room nearly made me pass out. After realizing I had missed lunch and finally having some dinner at 7 I was filling much better and more optimistic. Being in this room with all these artists is both completely humbling and completely exciting. I am not doing it even the slightest of justices. You really do have to come to this event. After just one day I can honestly say that YOU NEED TO COME NEXT YEAR.... and the demos and presentations haven't even begun yet!

Enough of my words, let get to some pics of everything coming together...

It begins! Much still to do.

Soon these empty tables with have enough awesome to choke a horse.

Slowly but surely it comes to LIFE!

I helped Dave Seeley get his lighting set up in place. Sam Burley (a student of Lars Grant-West) was slightly injured in the set up. We salute you Sam for your blood and sacrifice.

A real life NINJA! Ninja Mountain Podcast's very own Jeremy McHugh happily takes advantage of my free sketch cards... and graciously offered me one of his! (It is BOSS!)

As the day moved along so does the art appear.

POOF! More art!

Seely on the bottom, Easley on top.

Everything is in full swing! Illuxcon is here! Artists, student and collector all interacting and mingling.

The demos and events begin tomorrow. I will try to keep posting in a timely manor but no promises. My portfolio review with the folks from Blizzard is first thing tomorrow morning! Well, I must sign off, things are still going and the night is still young, until tomorrow...

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website:


  1. Thanks for posting your pics - great to get a feel of the place setting up. Makes me at least a tad envious ;)

    Have fun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ralph. You should totally make the trip across the pond for next years event! I know the collectors would want to get ahold of your work and there would be plenty of fans and artists (including myself) that would love to meet you in person. I hope my pics could be a source of encouragement for you to make it next year.