Friday, November 6, 2009

Minotaur Lord

Somehow in my hectic schedule of late I was able to do a piece for myself. Granted I believe I started this drawing in July. The basic sketch and outline went down in July and then it sat dormant in my sketch pad. During the few days last week between projects when I was not doing the plethora of neglected tasks and a healthy diet of video games I finish up this drawing. Not much else to say, I LOVE drawing and I LOVE monsters, I should probably try to do more of both... when I am not painting monsters...

© 2009 Christopher Burdett
RAWR! I am the Minotaur Lord!

Illuxcon is next week! I will be doing a last post of Monday about some of the stuff I have been doing to get ready and I hopefully (cross those fingers) will be doing posts of the events like I did for Comic Con. Everybody just loves my ramblings and bad photos! ...right?

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