Monday, November 23, 2009

WiP Podcast #9

Episode #9 of WiP Podcast is now live! This episode features a first hand account of Illuxcon 2009 and a round table dissuasion of a question I submitted to them. And what question is that? This one:

“When dealing with an open ended art order how much weight do you give to time / money when it comes to limiting the scope of the art. Doing something simple and “good enough” that take less time and energy versus doing something super awesome and amazing over the top that involves more time and energy. Were do you find a balance point.

Example, say the assignment is “Evil Tornado, Wind monster causing much havoc” that’s all. You could go with a tornado knocking some trees around and a person running from it… all the way to leveling most of a castle and keep with dozens of people fleeing in terror. As an artist, how do you go about making these choices and how does $$$ and final product ( trading card vs half page book art) affect these choices?”

You should really take the time and get caught up with all the episodes of WiP. The Gen Con episode is a must listen. I only wish I had discovered them much sooner.

Due to family arriving for the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact I have Jury duty a week from today I most likely will not have any new post until the middle of next week. If something major happens I will try to post, but count on my return the beginning of December. Until then...

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  1. Yeah, WIP is great. Just wish they would podcast more often. ;)

    Have a good Thanksgiving, and good luck with the jury duty. :P

  2. Thanks! I will do my best. I will try to use the time waiting in the courthouse effectively buy getting some drawing done.