Monday, September 21, 2009

Geek Night 4.0 - Wrap up

If you some how missed my constant and repetitive announcements regarding it, Geek Night 4.0 at Florida State University was this past Friday evening. I was an invited guest at the event and all the sorted details can be found here, here and here. My partner in crime for the evening was Lee Brethschneider. It is safe to say much fun was held by all and I think the event went smashingly. They are already talking to me about next year, which needless to say is pretty cool. I think I prepared really well for the event with only two things I will want to change for next time I do something like this... 1) Make MANY sketches in advance to help when things get really busy, and 2) Have a sign that reads "FREE SKETCHES". I found myself repeating that the sketches were in fact free and people could take one. Had several people ask if they could touch the cards to get a better look at one only to find out that they could take it. Enough of this, lets get to some pictures...

Tables were set upon a dais so that we could look out over the masses like Jabba the Hutt. Seriously, this set up worked out really well and allowed us to actually see what was going on much better. For next time were were talking about having a little more room for people up in front of us on the dais. ...and look! They made us awesome banners!

A closer look at my table from ground level. I brought some of my portfolios, miniatures, and had a Quicktime movie playing images of some of my work. This did not stop people from asking if the work I was surrounded by was in fact my work.

The view from the dais. Very similar to the ground level only higher with more sketch cards.

My big event near the end of the night was to give away two signed prints to two lucky people. I think the drawing was a good idea and got a lot of attention. It was also a good use of my Clone Trooper bucket.

The big draw of the night though was the sketch cards, here are a selection of the cards that I gave out for free at the event. I was almost not able to keep up with demand, but people were patient and everyone that wanted one got them.

Some more of the sketch cards I did for the event. By the end of the evening I was taking requests and that got to be pretty fun, though unfortunately I don't have any of those to show off.

Here is Lee's awesome setup. He had lots of cool freebies to hand out including a comedy CD he made and "I heart Centaurs" shirts. Lee was also doing sketch cards and had lots of examples of his work to show off. You might notice he did not forget to bring along a "FREE SKETCHES" sign.

Last, but not least our two lucky winners of the signed prints!

I had a great time and I hope everyone one else that attended did as well. I am looking forward to being invited back next year to have even more fun!

Make sure you stop back by on Wednesday, I have something really cool to share that was sent to me over the weekend. Until then...

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