Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flagbearer Custom by Byleui

I had a really awesome comment left over the weekend on my post about the unreleased Dreamblade miniature, the Flagbearer. The comment had a link to Flickr and some pics of a custom Flagbearer miniature by Byleui, aka David Thies. I have to say I am REALLY impressed with the job he did on it. I am also humbled by the time an effort he put into creating something I designed. This was indeed a treat and very unexpected. I look forward to seeing what David comes up with next!

Here is my turnaround for comparison

David's Flagbearer

A couple more views of David's handy work

Here is what he had to say about the custom figure:

"OK, some six weeks later, I think I've managed to do justice to your artwork for Flagbearer. It was actually a lot of fun to construct, especially the weaving of the body from 1/8th-inch ribbon (stiffened with Superglue)." - from my blog

"It's hard to say just how long the Flagbearer took, since it was done in 5-minute increments over a month or so. I could probably make another in a weekend, doing very little else. It started with a bamboo skewer for the flagpole and some Testors Plastic Putty and Superglue Gel for the fittings. The flag was made from a high-quality cloth-like paper towel I picked up at the Alamance Country Club men's room (gotta be resourceful!). I painted the pole and flag with Testor's Enamel model paints. And for the body, I took 1/8th-inch polyester ribbon and glued it down with Superglue (holding the ribbon in place then dabbing it with the glue; once the glue soaks into it, it stiffens up in a few seconds)." - from the WotC Dreamblade Forums

If you would like to see more of David's customs he has a ton of them over on Flickr. You should take the time to head over and check them out!

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