Friday, September 18, 2009

Crazed Kuo-toa

A quick update today since I am on deadline and tonight is the big night, GEEK NIGHT! I have been doing a lot of Dreamblade on Fridays recently so I figured I would switch it up with a Dungeons and Dragons miniature. Here is the Crazed Kuo-Toa from the Demonweb expansion. This was another redesign of a classic creature for it's new premiere in 4th Edition. I started with a series of loose sketches based on notes from my art director.

Yikes! Looking back now I am a little embarrassed by these to be honest. But they are loose sketches. I was trying to get my ideas out and explore some new directions... which is the point of rough sketches.

Ah, better! "D" is looking pretty good and with a few more notes I am moving forward on a more fleshed out sketch. Apparently these creature are a whole lot less modest then I imagined!

Turns out that I was mistaken with what was possible for a common rarity miniature. I thought for sure the spear across the body would not be a huge molding issue, but apparently it was. One last revision was in order before I move onto the complete turnaround.

Final turnaround for the Crazed Kuo-Toa with proper spear placement. To see how the production miniature turned out you can see it HERE.

Don't forget if you are in the Tallahassee area tonight to come out to FSU's GEEK NIGHT 4.o! Games, contests, trivia and I will be doing FREE sketches and will have a drawing for some signed prints! See you there!

Geek Night Version 4.0
Friday, September 18, 2009
Event at 8:30 pm
Union Ballrooms (FSU Campus)

For more information there is a Facebook event page that you can check out HERE!

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