Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gen Con 2010 Recap

All over for now... we must be patient till next year!

I have gone back and added appropriate links to all my posts about Gen Con 2010! So you can now more easily check out the artists I met and the people I wrote about. I also fixed a mistake or two that somehow made it through my highly skilled editing department. You can find links of my Gen Con 2010 coverage here:

Again I must say what an outstanding experience Gen Con was for me. If I had known it was this much fun I would not have waited so long to finally attend. I am still humbled by how gracious and generous everyone I spoke to was and a little shocked that apparently my blog, art work and name are in fact getting out there and people are seeing it.

Speaking of which... Almost all the art directors I work with told me that they follow or go to my blog on a regular basis. They see what I am working on and read what I say. SO... apparently this blog is working after all! Good to know. Definitely gives me motivation to keep posting as well as trying to push to that next level with my work. It should also give you something to think about with your own blog or website.

I will be getting back to my normal posting schedule tomorrow. I am REALLY excited by the piece I will be sharing with you tomorrow. It is a new piece I did for Wizards of the Coast! Some folks got to see a sneak peak of it at Gen Con, but everyone else only needs to wait till tomorrow. Until then...

For more samples of my work or to contact
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