Friday, August 6, 2010

GEN CON - Day 1

Woo! Day one of Gen Con!

Day one of Gen Con! It started very early with a 5:00 am alarm and a 7:00 am flight, but by 1:00 pm we were at the event. This is my first time to Gen Con and I am trying to take it all in. So much to see, so much to do and so many people to see and meet. Started things off with going directly to the Fantasy Flight Games pavilion and got to meet some the the outstanding folks I have had a chance to work with. Oh the awesome games they are demoing! This was quickly followed up with a trip to the Paizo booth. Nice to see heaping stacks of books I worked on. Stopped by the Hero Games booth to see a nice pile of the newly released Hero Fantasy, a book I have four pieces in. This was my first chance to see the book in person and I am really happy with how the work turned out!

A mighty pile of Hero Fantasy at the Hero Games booth!

I thought I could never leave the Artist Alley, too many outstanding artists to meet, catch up with and to be inspired by. I only grazed the surface of the people I wanted to see today, glad there are three more days. For me the Artist Alley was worth the price of admission. It is hard to explain the feeling to be around so many people that share the same passion for expressing themselves in a similar creative voice. Fantasy monster love fest!

The world famous Aaron B Miller with his gorgeous work!

The world famous John Stanko manning his booth of awesome!

The world infamous NINJA, Jeremy McHugh working on his daily sketch!

As an added surprise I was able to have a portfolio review with the great and powerful Jon Schindehette. Was not expecting to have a chance to talk to him today and jumped at the opportunity. As always a real pleasure to talk to Jon about my work. I am sure I mentioned it while at Illuxcon that if you ever have a chance to talk to Jon about your work, TAKE IT!

Made sure I picked up Steve Prescott's sketchbook, Aggregate. So gorgeous and even better with a personalized drawing! Did a final lap of everything before the main hall closed for the day. So much still to see and do!

Steve Prescott working on a sketch in my brand new copy of the Aggregate!

Day one, RAWR!

Onward to day two! Check back in tomorrow for all the details. Until then...

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