Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting ready for Gen Con

Gen Con is finally upon us! We are but a few days away from (what I am told) the super awesomeness that is Gen Con. As I have mentioned, this will be my first time attending. Con season is always a good motivator to get your self promotional materials updated. Since this is my first Con of the year, Gen Con will see the debut of my new business cards, post cards and button set!

2010 Business Card with all the needed info!

2010 Post Card with double sided in your face monster action!

ALL NEW 2010 button set with SUPER SECRET Gen Con exclusive button featuring a brand new piece of work never before seen on this blog!

Hopefully my self promotional materials tell people everything they need to know about me... I LIKE MONSTERS! I am really happy with how these new business and post cards turned out. I once again used and they did a bang up job. Did I mention their super fast delivery? The business cards were in the mail to me the day I placed the order and the post cards where in the mail the following day. I can't recommend them enough!

Once again I would like to thank Chris Presley for making all my buttons. He is a stalwart friend and so very generous with his time and resource. Many thanks Chris!

One of these days I will collect all the business cards together that I have used so that we can all have a laugh at my expense. But that day is not today.

I will have a normal blog post on Wednesday. After that I hope to be posting live from Gen Con with photos and updates on all that is happening there. I have many friends and colleagues that I want to catch up with and hopefully they won't mind to have their mugs plastered all over the blog. Until then...

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