Monday, August 9, 2010

GEN CON - Day 4

Day four of Gen Con! The last day, the end time, the final countdown, your ultimate moment to get and see everything you had missed in the last 3 days. Though I was weary I trudged forth into the fry once more to see the awesome that is Gen Con. It felt like we had seen and done everything that there was to do but around every turn something new could still be seen.

Best snow globe EVAR!

I spent less time in the artist alley then I had on previous days but I did stop in to make my one big purchase of the con… an original piece of art by Jeremy McHugh. This piece caught my eye when he posted it on his blog a while back and when I saw that it was available I snatched it up. I do have a soft spot for monsters. Thanks Jeremy, it is going to a good home!

I'm a MONSTER! RAWR! (actually a Baleful Monstrosity!)

Jeremy McHugh... the man, the myth, the art...

After the big purchase it was time for ADVENTURE! We headed over to the Wizards of the Coast pavilion and took part in a mini Dungeons and Dragons adventure where you as a person move around a set of tiles and do combat against a young white dragon. You rolled a large 20 sided dice. I was the Cleric! RAWR!

I hit the dragon twice dealing a total of 15 points of damage. This those hit I was allowed to at a +2 to an ally's armor class and heal an alley for 10 damage!

Our group of 6 was mighty and only one of us smelled mighty bad. You had two rounds to slay the dragon and we succeeded! They told us we were the first group to do it today. That was either true or they were trying to make us feel special. Because we won were received a 'monster slayer' button and a random 'treasure' coin from a chest that we redeemed for a prize in the D&D gaming hall. We scored a set of PREMIUM dice and a adventure module! Good deal!

We looted the dragons lair for some cool swag!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering the hall trying to not miss anything. There was a Wil Wheaton sighting in the Fantasy Flight shop but I decided to not pester him about a photo. He looked like he was picking out some good games and having fun, he didn't need me bugging him.

Several of the artists left early or were setting out directly after the con so goodbyes were made early and often. As always with these events it is all about meeting folks for the first time and catching up with all the rest. A true pleasure to meet and catch up with so many OUTSTANDING people, artists and art directors. I have had an amazing time at Gen Con and truly look forward to coming back and setting up a table… or apparently I have to since I have been threatened with pain of death if I don't.

The final night ended with a huge group of artist going out to eat which was then followed by everyone breaking into smaller groups and heading out in separate directions. Had a fun time talking about the business and craft of being a freelance fantasy artist. A lot to think about!

All that is left now is the flight home and to get back to work! I have a lot to think about and to process.

I will be back on the blog as usual in the coming days. Lots of exciting work getting ready to be released! Until then...

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