Sunday, August 8, 2010

GEN CON - Day 3

Day three of Gen Con! Today started off with an amazing experience. If you have followed this blog you might remember the awesome custom Dreamblade miniature work of David Thies. David put together a Serrated Dawn sealed booster Dreamblade event here at Gen Con. The Serrated Dawn expansion was never released but the stats were were made online. David stepped up, made custom boxes and custom minis enough for 9 players. I was floored by how awesome it was and how much effort and love David put into the event. To top it all David was gracious and generous enough to give me one of the boosters that didn't get used. Thank you very very much David, it meant a lot to me to be invited and to be a part of the event!

Pure AWESOME! This was amazing!

There was much to see and do again today. I did a lot of wandering trying to take it all in and to see it all. Though Gen Con is smaller then huge events like Comic Con there is still so much to see and do.

I missed it, but Saturday night saw these mighty towers destroyed for charity.

In the end I did find myself back in the artist alley talking to everybody, looking at the beautiful work and getting energized about my work. I was also able to finally spend some time looking at the winners from the night before. Not too mention get some more awesome additions to my Monster Manual 2.

John Stanko's winning piece!

Jeff Himmelman hard at work on a trading card request.

Marc Scheff and Tim Piotrowski having loads of fun on day 3!

Aaron B Miller's award winning piece... IT'S HUGE!

Peter Mohrbacher is chillin' like a villain with his award wining piece!

Franz Vohwinkel adding to the awesome on my MM2!

Lars Grant-West's beautiful award winning piece!

Mark Tedin breaking in a new page with some awesome in my MM2!

The evening brought a really fun meet and eat with the fine folks at Fantasy Flight. Good time with food, friends and fellow artist. Tip of the hat to Zoe and Kyle for making it happen! Sounds like this might be the start of a new tradition.

Hey look! It's everybody!

A better shot of the other end of the table.

As the evening turned to night the Dungeons and Dragons books were busted out and adventures were gathered to the quest! HUHZAH!I suppose it would not be Gen Con without some gaming in a hotel room.

Day three, RAWR!

Onward to day four! Check back in tomorrow for all the details. Until then...

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  1. I'm so glad you could be there to see our "Serrated Dawn Proxy Booster Draft." It made it that much more special for everyone involved, to meet you and discuss the art that went into the creation of Dreamblade. Thanks so much for coming (and also for posting the photos of the booster box on your blog; I love the fact that I can even read my "Made in North Carolina" imprint. LOL!). --David