Saturday, August 7, 2010

GEN CON - Day 2

Day two of Gen Con! After an exciting complimentary breakfast of egg like yellow lumps with chopped up bacon pieces we arrived bright and early for our second day at Gen Con. Apparently it took me a whole day to realize that the artist area was in fact right through the Exhibit Hall A entrance.

"A" is for ARTISTS

I spent most of the morning in the Artist area meeting folks and see how their first days went. I also made a lot of mistake introducing myself to people thinking they were someone else. Always fun… This may be the down side to the anonymity of the interweb. I know your avatar but I don't know your face. This must explain why people kept telling me they expected me to have a hairy reddish coat and a huge slobbering maw full of teeth.

Sith Lord Peter Mohrbacher in the booth he shares with his wife Anna Mohrbacher!

The world famous and highly skilled merchandiser Drew Baker!

Chris Seamen
graciously added to my Monster Manual 2! It was great to finally meet Chris in person and to see his AMAZING artwork in person. Do not pass up the chance to see it in person if you have the chance. I finally had the opportunity to meet with Jeremy Jarvis of Magic the Gathering fame to show him my portfolio and I had a really great experience. Jeremy shoots straight from the hip and tells you like it is and he is really knowledgeable about the craft. A really rewarding review!

Chris Seaman making my MM2 that much more pretty!

It has been brought to my attention that people are in fact reading this blog and following my work. Now as crazy as this sounds to me several people have confirmed that this is happening. I guess I better watch what I say! …or not.

Had the opportunity to get about the main exhibit hall a lot more today which included some demoed games, some unexpected finds and some interesting things to behold with the eyes!

Gen Con equivalent of the the road wig... so sad...

That is definately a lot of D&D... AWESOME!

A quick pic of the 13th largest city in American... Indianapolis!

So cool... so expensive...

ACK! ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!! There were more then 100 in the zombie parade!

As the exhibit halls closed the artist alley came to life in expectation of the art show and award ceremony. Great times! Some very deserving artist won tonight and I will try to follow up with the award winning pieces tomorrow. Everything wrapped up with taking part in the recording of the new WIP podcast. Good times and some fun recounting of the last two days adventures at Gen Con. Representatives from the Ninja Mountain Podcast and the Drawn Today podcast were there on hand to add to the discussion. Another long and very full day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Day two, RAWR!

Onward to day three! Check back in tomorrow for all the details. Until then...

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  1. Man, I love all these artist; Pete Mohrbacher is an awesome guy to chat with at cons. I can't wait to save up money for GenCon 2011! Glad you're having a great time and seeing cool things. I look forward to more updates!

  2. Hehe, looks to me like you're having one hell of a laugh matey :)
    And it's great to put faces to names, keep it up, and of course people are following what you're up to, you have one of the most interesting game art blogs out there Chris. Cheers :)

    Ahh I miss it and want to go again, sadly Gencon is lumped right in the middle of my family's vacation time and I'm not going to deprive them of a holiday in the sun so I can geek out over there with you guys.. lol

  3. It was really great meeting you in person :) I hope that we'll stay in touch!

  4. @ Nicole - Gen Con is definitely worth it. Had an amazing time. I hope my updates proved useful and interesting. I can't wait to go back in 2011!

    @ Purdy - Gen Con was nothing but an incredibly enjoyable experience. Yes, putting names to faces was a experience. So often I would recognize the art and then realize who I was talking to.

    Well, there is a zoo, garden and natural history museum in Indianapolis, plenty of family vacation venues available AND Gen Con! ...and there is plenty of sun in Indiana ;)

    Glad to hear you think I have a good blog :) Sometimes loose sight being as close to it all constantly. Gives me strength to keep posting 3 times a week!

    @Anna - Yes indeed! It was great meeting you, definitely will need to keep in touch and hopefully we will find ourselves at another event.