Thursday, September 25, 2014

Illuxcon 7 - Day 4

All good things come to an end... and so must Illuxcon 7. The last day of Illuxcon always sees people slowly heading out for their journeys home. Slowly as the day progresses the elbow room increases in the show and the walls become more and more bare as art heads off with its new owner. I know no one wants to see Illuxcon end, but as exhaustion sets in after a truly awesome 4-5 days it is time to wrap things up ...and begin planning for next year.

I had to cancel my trip to Illuxcon last year unexpectedly and it was so great to be able to make it back this year. I will be doubly making sure I return next year for Illuxcon 8. Illuxcon was my best event of the year for so many reason and has rejuvenated me ans has gotten me ready for another year of monsters.

Here are some images from the final day of Illuxcon 7...

Things are still very much hopping on Sunday morning in the Main Show.

Slowly but surely the halls thin out and the walls begin to look more bare.

The Salon was still very busy as well the last day.

But as in the Main Show eventually the halls and walls begin to thin.

It seemed that in minutes the Main Show went from this... this.

Everything seems to move smoothly and quickly as the art left the building.

In the end there were only hanging hooks.

Don't worry Mr. Tortoise... you will be safe under that padded blanket.

The loading dock was a busy place as every shape and size of box and container that could carry art was removed from the museum.

Aaron Miller struts his stuff at an end of another Illuxcon...

After a long day of Illuxcon only one thing to do... drop snakes into our mouths...

The hotel lobby, once a hot bed for hanging out and fun seems bizarrely empty and quiet now.
Another successful Illuxcon comes to a close!

HUGE thanks to Patrick Wilshire and Jeannie Wilshire for all they do to make Illuxcon happen and for all the years of hard work and love they have poured into it to make it what it is today! Many thanks to all the volunteers and staff that assist the Wilshires in breathing life into Illuxcon! We would not have this wonderful event without all that you do.

That is all for another exciting day on the blog, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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