Monday, September 22, 2014

Illuxcon 7 - Day 1

Looks like Illuxcon got away from me this year... too much going on and too much AWESOME happening. I was able to do daily posts of Illuxcon 7 for exactly one day. Now that Illuxcon 7 has come and gone I can catch up and post about all the comings and goings in Allentown...

I attended Illuxcon for four years in Altoona and had become accustom to what Illuxcon was and had to offer. Now that it is in Allentown, for me at least, everything has changed. The venue is larger, the show is longer, there are now three tiers of show, everything is now in walking distance of each other, everyone has upped their game, and everything is more awesome. As mentioned before, I missed last year's Illuxcon so I am unsure how much the first and second year changed, but the move from Altoona to Allentown has been major and noticeable. Yes, there are aspects that were nice about the Altoona show, but as a whole the event is vastly improved.

Day 1... or 2 if you count the preview night as the first day was devoted to the the Main show. The artists were set up and open for business, conversation, and talking about imaginative realism. Folks attending the salon, the showcase, or simply coming for the show were still rolling into town and as the day ticked on more and more familiar faces began to show up. There was a tremendous amount of art to be seen and at every price point.

Day 1 concluded in a life drawing and painting event in the top floor of a restaurant near the event hotel. Aaron Miller was keeping it all going for several hours and the turn out was impressive. The socializing and frivolity of Illuxcon continued in the night and it was indeed a good day at Illuxcon. Here are some images from Day 1 of Illuxcon 7...

The banner make sure everyone knows that this is the place for AWESOME.

There is a very large horse sculpture across the street from the venue...

... VERY large horse and it looks great.

The layout is different and things are a bit more spread out in the Allentown venue. but after a couple of lapse you get a feel for things.

At times it was almost to much to take in. SO much condensed amazing art to be seen and experienced.

And another hall of even more amazing work.

A very impressive and very touchable blunderbuss by Vincent Villafranca.

A new Lars Grant-West for my collection... it is a dinosaur... ON ROLLER SKATES!

Panorama #1 looking around the halls of the main show...

...and Panorama #2...

...and Panorama #3. Hopefully these give a good feel for some of the main show.

Aaron Miller hard at work in the life drawing session. Aaron was painting and making it look easy.

That is all for the coverage of Day 1, see you back here tomorrow for Day 2. Until then...

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