Thursday, September 18, 2014

Illuxcon 7 - Day 0

Illuxcon 7 is here! Wednesday was my travel day to Allentown, Pa and was the set up day for the main show of Illuxcon. While I did not get over to the museum during set up... not that I think I could have gotten in, there was a three hour preview of the show. I am still very much getting acclimated to the new venue. I missed Illuxcon last year expectantly at the last minute, so this is my first time in Allentown and the Allentown incarnation of Illuxcon. So far, I am finding it VERY awesome! There was not a lot more going on yesterday for me then getting to Allentown, finding the hotel and museum, catching up with friends, looking at and buying art, and having ALL THE FUN. I almost forgot to take pictures of things I was so distracted with fun and friends.  I have four days ahead of me to make up for that.

I have a fun day ahead of me, so I will leave you with some images of my adventures arriving to Illuxcon 7...

Gratuitous shot out the window of a plane...

I got a little lost navigating Allentown at first and went every way but the right one trying to find the venue. Luckily my phone saved me.

There we are! That looks like the place I need to be!

YUP! Found it! I have arrived at Illuxcon!

Spent a lot of time hanging out and catching up with Chris Seaman.

My dear wife bought me very very first Omar Rayyan piece. YAYS!

Ended a late dinner with this larger then life nightmare... RAWR!

More images and coverage of Illuxcon 7 to come! Until then...

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