Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Illuxcon 7 - Day 3

Day 3 of Illuxcon 7! Another full day of the Main Show and a healthy helping of demos, lectures, and seminars... and the very first day of the weekend Salon. The Main Show is in the upper floor of the Allentown Art Museum and the Salon is in the basement, which is still very much a nice show space. I had a ton of drawings to get finished up before the Showcase started up again at six o'clock that evening which means at every chance I was scribbling away.

I really like the Salon space and the selection of art and artist was a nice addition to the overall showing of Illuxcon. It is nice to see so many familiar faces in both the Main Show and Salon. As far as the second night of the Showcase I did not know what to expect. Those that were in the Showcase last year mentioned that the second night was just as busy as the first, but you can never predict what the crowds will do. While the second night was not as busy, there was still a ton of excitement in the ballroom and people were still looking for and buying art. Got to talk to a ton of cool people and hand out finished drawings.

Here are images from Day 3 of Illuxcon 7...

RAWR! Started the day off with a little Beholder goodness.

The Salon as seen from the entrance of the exhibit space.

Looking back at the entrance of the Salon. So much wonderful art!

Hey kids, it's Noah Bradley! ...and he has with him some really sizable Magic paintings.

The most excellent Scott Murphy with all his gorgeous work. You can also see some of Mike Sass's beautiful work in the booth next to Scott.

Dan Chudzinski had many pieces to tantalize the eye... this one was far and away my favorite. RAWR!

...time to get back to work drawing...

...and drawing...

 ...and drawing...

This was my favorite I think... the happiest little Beholder of all! RAWR!

...and drawing...

...and drawing...

Looking out at the Showcase as it was about to begin for its second evening of art fun.

Another shot of the Showcase when I had a spare moment to stand on my chair and take another photo. Things stayed busy until the very end of the Showcase. MANY thanks to all that came out!

And at the end of the night Jon Schindehette is the top banana at Illuxcon 7!

That is all for another exciting day on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for a look at the final day of Illuxcon 7! Until then...

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  1. Fantastic imagination.... if it is imagination.