Monday, August 15, 2011

Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos

Starting off a week of new work I have two pieces that I produced for the Fantasy Flight Games release of Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos, RPG supplement. While at Gen Con I had the opportunity to see a ton of newly released products that I worked on. This of course means I can now share them here on the blog!

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

Great Knarloc
© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

I contributed one color and one black and white piece to Mark of Xenos and they were pretty fun to work on! They were both pretty much dinosaurs and you know those are always fun to work on. The Diablodon was described as living near volcanic areas and I had this image of a glowing hot lava tube in my reference folder I had been itching to use. It was a piece of cake from there! The Great Knarloc on the other hand went through several iterations before the final pose was locked down. I may share some of those drawings with you in a future post. It is always a little intimating to work on something like Deathwatch and Warhammer 40K that has such a huge back story, vast IP and incredibly devoted fans who can spot if it is wrong instantly. It is also really rewarding to be able to add my voice to such a large and huge property for all the same reasons.

See you back here on Wednesday when I begin to release my inner demons upon the blog with more brand new Warhammer 40K work! Until then...

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