Monday, August 8, 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Day 4

With all things there is an ending and Day 4 marked the end of Gen Con 2011. It was a shorten day on the showroom floor, but there was all the tear down and packing to be done after the con officially ended at 4pm. Not sure how I would have managed the con without my wife being there to help me. To tell you the truth she was a real con trooper and helped out many of the other artist who had no one else to relieve them at their booths. Many asked me how the con was for me and I stick with the answer that it was a learning experience. Did not know what to expect, but I was surprised at every turn. I went into it expecting to fall on my face and as far as I can tell I did not… so that is a really good thing! At this point I think I very well may be doing this all again next year! Now on with the images…

More tentacled beasties on the game mats! RAWR!

One of the many sketchbooks that I put original drawings into…

and here is another! RAWR!

Now silver on black for a play mat. Looking back at my photos of the day I was a drawing fool. A lot of interest in my drawings and my monsters.

For some reason this image turned out horribly blurry… but the booth continues to change and evolve… for the better. Less is more.

POOF! The con is over and the booth is torn down and packed up. Thankfully there is a UPS center on site that helps with shipping home from the con.

Another shot of the now empty booth. You can see some of the clutter and activity of the rest of the showroom in the background.

And so concludes my coverage of Gen Con 2011! I hope you enjoyed the images and coverage of having a booth for the first time at a convention. I learned a lot by the experience and I think I am all the wiser for it!

See you back here on Wednesday. Not sure what I am going to post yet… but in the near future I have a TON of work that I can finally share with you that I produced for Fantasy Flight Games! Until then...

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