Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter (part 1)

Continuing a week of new work I have for you today the first installment of demon monsters that I produced for the Fantasy Flight Games release of Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter, RPG supplement. It feels like I worked on these a million years ago, but I think it has been less then one year. Again, thanks to seeing these at Gen Con I can now share them with you...

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

Pink Horror
© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

Not only does it feel like I did these a million years ago it also feels like I was working on dozens and dozens of these all at the same time. Not sure where that is coming from, I did do a lot of 40K monsters back to back, but not anything near that many. Anyway... these were really fun to work and to pose for. More silly pictures out there of me acting like a demon monster. Images of the miniatures were provided to me and I had different amounts of room to make them my own depending on the demon type. The Bloodletter needed to be pretty spot on while I was able to cobble together my own Pink Horror. As a whole they needed to be extremely faithful to the miniature reference which can have it's pros and cons. Fun to draw and paint monsters all the same!

See you back here on Friday for part 2 and more demon monsters! Until then...

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  1. Awesome monsters. The Bloodletter is great. I really like his design and all the texture on his skin.