Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deadly Salamander - Warhammer Invaison

I have for you today a new piece I kind of forgot about. Early last year I worked on the Morrslieb Cycle of Warhammer Invasion cards and discovered recently that the card was out and I can now share it with you. I produced one card, the Deadly Salamander, and it appears in the The Eclipse of Hope pack...

Deadly Salamander
© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

I always put my all into every piece I work on and try my hardest to do my best. There is a natural evolution of my feelings for a piece while I am working on it from love to like to love to hate to love, etc. Unfortunately, for this piece I never got back around to liking it again. I can't be happy with everything I do, nor do I have to like every piece I create. This does not mean I did not try my hardest to make a piece that I would be happy with. I could go into detail on the things I don't like about this piece, but that really is not very productive now, I am aware of it's faults and have since addressed them in my work.

As a side note I just realized that I have now done more then one Warhammer piece where a smaller monster is pointing a direction for a larger monster.... weird.

That is all for today, I think I will have something of the black and white variety for you on Friday! Until then...

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