Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Day 3

Day three charges in like a mad elephant. Each day is a learning experience and each day offers new surprises, insights and hurdles to figure out. Since this is my first go round in all this I don't know what to expect and that might be the hardest thing to deal with. Other have been extremely helpful and offered their experiences from past years, but until I go through it myself I can not really understand. So as each day passes I understand more and more how this all works and that there is a flow and pattern to people's behaviors and actions over the days. Day four will add the last piece of the Gen Con puzzle so that I can get my head fully around this whole con thing. Before that though... I have pictures from day three...

The booth of the world famous artist and ninja Jeremy Mchugh!

LOOK! It is Drew Baker, another ninja and master salesmen!

The award winning Scott Murphy!

The booth of Aaron Miller with an smorgasbord of great paintings!

The booth and beautiful work of John Stanko!

I think if he really tried, Chris Seaman might be able to get a little more awesome into his booth.

A look around the con from high above my booth. This is looking behind...

...and this is looking out in front above everything.

My booth changed throughout the day, for the best.

The gang is all hear for a badly lit photo from the Fantasy Flight Games artist dinner Saturday evening. Fun times!

That is all for day three. Day four will be along tomorrow a some point... though it might not arrive until I return home. Until then...

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