Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Inifinity Con 2024 Recap

This past weekend was Infinity Con 2024. It is the hometown convention and always a blast. There is something to be said about only having to transport the booth two miles and then sleeping in your own bed. Saturday was the big day with an impressive crowd, a lot of business, my panel with Mark Maddox, and more. It flew by, and I forgot to take photos of nearly all of it. Most of my pictures were taken on Sunday, as it was a slower day. I saw friends, caught up with some cool folks, and met a lot of new people. The Grand Bazaar was a big hit again, and many copies of the books went out into the world. It was time well spent. Here are some images and additional thoughts from the weekend.

As you might notice, there was a thing on the floor next to my booth that I had to work around. A minor inconvenience at worst. A momentary annoyance. But it was funny, for sure. Had to get my side table *just* right on it, and I was good to go. I find the juxtopostion of the packed booth to the...

fully set up booth to be interesting. I always enjoy when space is not an issue and I can fully set up the booth as I like.

My good friend R2-D2 stopped by. He and I have been to a number of parties together and have socialized a fair bit over the years.

Catching up with local friends Mark Maddox (whose booth was next to mine) and Jefferey Shanks.

Some droids I thought I was looking for.

The droids I was actually looking for.

There were battling bots at Infinifty Con this year, but sadly I never had a chance to see them. Hopefully they will be back next year and I can catch some bot action.

There was a lot of fun cosplay and characters this year. I only managed to get a single photo, but these two are awesome. It is wonderful how much cosplay has become a major part of conventions.

A huge thanks go out to David Heringer for having me as a guest and hosting such a fun event, and all those who attended Infinity Con 2024 this weekend and stopped by to learn more about the Grand Bazaar! I hope to see you all at Infinity Con 2025!

That's all for another exciting Tuesday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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