Monday, May 23, 2011

A Game of Thrones: Queen of Dragons (Drawings and more)

Last week I shared with you the dragons I produced for A Game of Thrones: Queen of Dragons expansion, if you missed them you can see then here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3. Since I got such a great response to the posts I thought I would share the drawings that went into the dragons as well as some extra stuff I found on the interwebs. First up though, here are the drawings that went into the three dragons...

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

First off you might notice that Viserion got reversed for the final painting. As I was working on it I flipped it to get a fresh look at it and realized, to me at least, that it looked better if he was approaching right to left. You might also notice that compared to some of the other drawings I share here on the blog these are a little loose for me. Since I was told several times that George Martin is extremely particular about his dragons I was hesitant to finalized too much with these, especially if there were going to be changes. I did not know what to expect since these were the first AGoT dragons I have worked on. As I mentioned I apparently had nothing to worry about.

Next up, here are some things I found around the web. I was on a gaming website I frequent and I noticed a banner ad that had some familiar faces...


This was only the first or second time I have come across my work being reused this way and it was pretty neat. Makes me feel a did a good job if it is being put to other uses. When I clicked the ad it sent me to a website related to the expansion and those familiar faces...

While I was distracted elsewhere a website featuring the dragons had been up for I don't know how long. Note to self... pay better attention to the internet. Anyway... I thought it was pretty neat and thought I would share. This is the first time my work has been featured this way.

That is all for dragon fun here on the blog today, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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