Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Things Found on the Web - NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE

Since today is a holiday here in the States and my attention is being pulled in too many other direction I have a short post today. Just some funny things I have found around the web that some how relate back to my work...

Back in February my Google Alerts brought something interesting to my attention. There was a custom Magic: The Gathering card contest going at and someone thought my work would be a good match for their idea... and they were nice enough to give me credit for my work. BlackBull used my Anglerphant for his idea and did a nice little mock up of the piece to boot!

Maybe one day :) Nice of BalckBull to think I have reached the Magic level.
Jeremy, I hope you are making a note of this...

More recently, last week even, some of my dragons showed up over on i09. i09 is the sci-fi/fantasy off shoot of Gawker and usually has some really neat links to check out. Since A Game of Thrones is all the buzz right now I am pleased to see that my recently released work for the card game has gotten some extra attention. At last count over 64,000 people have viewed the link over on i09... that is 64,000 people ready to tell me about all my mistakes...

Thank you internet, how did I ever not get called out on my mistakes before you?

First of all, I apparently misspoke... I made a claim that there were no monsters in AGoT. I have never read the books, I know little to nothing beyond what I have been told by friends that have read the books and they told me that it is a very low fantasy world with no monsters... save some dragons... and maybe one or two little things. I come from a D&D background which is HIGH fantasy and all the other art I have looked at from the card game seemed to have no monsters or magic. My bad... I was wrong, there are monsters.

Second, but no less egregious, there were claims of SPOILERS. Uh... yeah... whatever.

Third, and lastly, yes, they have two legs and two wings. Yes, typically this beast is called a Wyvern. The author of these books calls them dragons. They are dragons.

See? All better and the Internet didn't explode! :D Oh Internet, Why can't I quit you?

That is all for a holiday Monday, see you back here on Wednesday for (most likely) some pencil on paper action! Until then...

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  1. Haha, you gotta love the intertubes for nitpicking the life out of you. But unfortunately that's what fans do..

    As for the monsters- I've read AGOT, and really, in the larger scheme of the fantasy genre, the "monsters" are not that plentiful...

    That aside, grats on all the features! Publicity is awesome!

  2. Thanks, Anna! Yeah, the i09 feature was a real nice surprise. I of course forgot to mention in my post that the hint did not come from my site, blog or DA... it came from me posting over at which speaks volumes for the importance of networking and finding like minded people to share work together... more exposure!