Monday, February 15, 2010

Warforged Armor Designs #4

I am emerging from the fog of illness finally. In celebration of my immune system I bring you the fourth installment of my Warforged armor designed for the Dungeons and Dragons Character Visualizer. As with the plate armor I designed Paragon and Epic versions of the scale armor. This also included designing some new hands and feet for these sets.

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

This leaves only one more set of Warforged attire to share with you. Make sure you are here next week for the Warfirged wizard set. I can't believe I am so close to the end off all that armor I designed. How time flies.

Make sure you back here on Wednesday, it is a very special day! Until then...

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