Friday, February 12, 2010

Orc Raider - Dungeons and Dragons

I am still under the weather and not up to much more then getting a blog post up.

Today I bring you what could quite possibly be my most maligned work to date. The Orc Raider from the Dungeons of Dread Dungeons and Dragons Miniature expansion was racked over the coals by pretty much everybody. This also was the point at which I stopped going to forums where products I worked on were discussed. Now granted, all of the criticism I read and heard was based on the final miniature but I still can't help but feel responsible for my part. I will let you decide for yourself if this is the worst work I have ever done or if the internet is showing me a skewed interpretation of reality.

The different stages of the Orc Raider's front view as I tweaked and edited it. I had to get in the mind set of the D&D Orc. Figure out what makes him tick.
© 2006 Wizards of the Coast LLC

With the front finally approved I set about with the rest of the turnaround.
© 2006 Wizards of the Coast LLC

You can see how the Orc Raider turned out in it's final production miniature form, HERE. That's all for this week. Hopefully I will be back on my feet next week. Until then...

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  1. I don't get it! What's wrong with it? :-?

    I like it. :)

  2. I love the art, but seems the mini just doesn't capture it. Whoever crafts the turnarounds into the molds for minis has my respect, but sometimes the process falls short (as with "Marion, Bound to Pain" in Dreamblade).

    Hope you're feeling better soon.