Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warforged Armor Designs #3

I am under the weather today but I have managed to crawl myself to the computer for today's post... albeit very late.

Today brings the third installment of Warforged Armor designed for the Dungeons and Dragons Character Visualizer. For the Warforged armor sets I was asked to do two versions of both the plate and scale armors. One would need to be designed for a level 11 Paragon Tier look and feel while the second would be designed for level 21 Epic Tier. Since the plate sets lent themselves to it I designed new hands and feet that messed with the rest of the armor.

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Of all the Warforged armor I think I like the plates sets the best. I was really happy with the shapes and forms I was able to come up with, especially on the Epic Tier set.

As a side note, I discovered yesterday that the good folks over at Monster Brains featured some of my work on their blog. Many thanks to them for that! If you have a moment, be sure to head over and have a look around their blog, loads of neat stuff.

I think that is all I have in me today. Back to bed for me. I hopefully will be back up and running on Friday for another post. Until then...

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