Thursday, December 14, 2023

Remembering Camden Toy

Last week, I learned that a friend of mine in Los Angeles has been secretly battling cancer since 2020. While I completely support anyone's decision with what they share and do not share, especially about health matters, this came as a shock. He was no longer able to comminicate, so the annocument was made on his behalf and to let people know that he was near the end. A few days ago, he passed and is no longer in pain. 

I met Camden Toy while living and working in special makeup effects. The first monsters I design for Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the Gnarl demon for season 7. The actor to play the roll was Camden, and he soon became a frequnt visitor to the shop. He was kind, gernous, feriendly, funny, and an all around amazing human. This, this is all just so horribly sad. He was truly a good person. I had the pelasure to design several of the monsters he portrayed. Near the end of my time in LA, I was lucky enough to apply his makeup for a movie, while in my own makeup for the same movie, and then we got to run around and play zombies in the movie together. I have some really nice memories of Camden, but for now, I need to hold them close.

Makeup design by me/portrayed by Camden Toy

Makeup design by me/portrayed by Camden Toy

Makeup design for both by me/Camden's makeup application and paint work by me

That is all for today. See you back here tomorrow. Until then...

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