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Looking Back - Prince of Lies - Angel Season 5

I was recently reminded of work that I did back in 2003 when I was working in Los Angles. The work I am speaking of is the Prince of Lies from season 5 of Angel, episode 13 - Why We Fight. I have never shared anything related to the Prince of Lies on blog before, so this seemed like as good a time as any. The Prince of Lies was played the most excellent Camden Toy, who I was lucky enough to work with several times as well as to get to know him in regular life. Here is how the Prince of Lies appeared on screen...

Prince of Lies from season 5 of Angel, episode 13 - Why We Fight

My main involvement with the Prince of Lies was to design him. He was described as a VERY old Nosferatu like vampire. I had begun a drawn version of my design, but I was not allowed to proceed and was forced to create my design in Photoshop as a photo collage. I worked on this design right in the middle of my photo collage days in the industry, the powers that be kept me from drawing as much as they could and forced me to make these 'photo real' designs. This of course did wonders for my drawing skill set and my self esteem. All things considered, this designed turned out okay. Looking at it now I would definitely have approached some things very differently - less egg headed, my brow detail and wrinkles, pushing and pulling various other areas. But in the end it got the job down so I have to consider it a win. Here is my design for the Prince of Lies...

Prince of Lies Concept Design
8.5 x 11 - Digital
© 2003 Almost Human

The design was created over a head shot of Camden to insure that there would be no surprises moving forward with producing the makeup. The design was approved, as far as I remember, without issue or notes from production. There were some in house changes that were planned though. The teeth were not being well received by the boss for one thing, though I thought they were working and Camden would have fun with them. There were other little tweaks and changes that are to be expect with the translation of the design into something real. Here is the sculpture for the face piece of the Price of Lies...

Prince of Lies face sculpt

All in all the sculpture for the face stayed true to the feeling of the design. I would have loved to see some of the anatomy to be pushed and pulled a bit more to better follow the design, but that is not my call and it worked, so why change it. I unfortunately have forgotten who the scuplture on this piece was. If I remember correctly the cowl for this makeup was a already existing piece so the only new elements were the face and the teeth. Here is a look at the finished painted makeup pieces...

Prince of Lies face piece and cowl makeup appliances

For some reason I thought I painted these... but looking at them now I honestly can not remember. We did SO much work all at the same time, many of the pieces began to blend together. I painted so many monsters that sometimes I figure I should assume I painted it if I still have photos of the paint job. Each of us in house that painted had our own style and tell tale marks that gave us away. This one looks to be mine, though some of the vein work looks a little off from what I did. This is mostly because I was asked to put them in after I had started working on it.

Note how dead the base makeup pieces look. After all they are just pieces of foam latex. Now see how these pieces of foam latex transform in a second skin once applied to an experienced actor who knows how to perform in makeup. Here an many images of Camden Toy on set as the Price of Lies...

Prince of Lies performed by Camden Toy on set
All image © 2003 Almost Human

I loved the transformation of a human into a monster with makeup. It was not always as rewarding, some people just did not know what to do with the makeups, but Camden is a pro and creates such amazing performances.

Now jump ahead fourteen years. I was recently contacted if I would sign a trading card of the Prince of Lies due to my involvement creating him. I was of course happy to do so. I happen to also whip up a little sketch of the Prince of Lies too. He's gonna get you! RAWR!

Prince of Lies trading card (before signing it) and Prince of Lies sketch card

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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