Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And then there were 700...

Today marks my 700 post on this here blog. Where does the time go? I thought I would take a pause today and let you know about some of the events I am planning to be at this year and where you might run into me.

Fast approaching for me is my return to the Illustration Master Class. Some of you might remember my misadventures there last year when I contracted the death plague and spent the entire week in bed. Fun memories... I am hoping that this year will be a *little* better. With as bad as last year was I am a little nervous returning, but once I am there and painting I am hopeful that it will a blast like my first year. Once thing I am doing differently this year is flying... no more two day drive up and back for me!

GEN CON! I will be returning to Gen Con artist alley again this year! I will see you there August 15 - 18 for the best 4 days in gaming... art. I will have paintings, prints, drawings, sketchbooks, and a whole bunch of surprises if it all works out. If you want something like this...

...or this...

... then be sure to attend Gen Con 2013! It is my big convention of the year so I to see you there!

Illuxcon 2013! A new city and a new venue. Illuxcon has moved to Allentown, Pa this year and everything with be shiny and new... and I am confident, more AWESOME! Illuxcon is a day longer this year and will have three tiers of gallery space. I will be taking place in the Showcase again this year. As always, I will document the comings and goings of the event.

Those are the big events so far. I am sure there will be little additions here and there as the year progresses. We are moving into the busy time of year for me at least, so I will need to keep my head down and focused on the goal. But through it all I will do my best to keep this blog moving right along and before you know it... I am sure we will be hitting post 800!

That is all for another Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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