Monday, July 11, 2022

Yote Vocal Box - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

I am thrilled to share another new piece from The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia. This illustration is for Book Two: The Completed Circle. This piece is one of the supporting images for the book section dedicated to the Bumbling Assistants. The comedic sidekicks to the hero are a pair of befuddled Yote that are found wandering the wilds. Book two will contain more information and details about the mysterious Yote and the nature of their existence. Even a more candid look at what literally makes them tick, like a partially deconstructed voice box. I present to you the Yote Vocal Box.

Yote Vocal Box
The Grand Bazaar of Ethra Dalia - The Completed Circle
9 x 12 - Pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper
Original - Available on my store
© 2022 Christopher Burdett
Yote Vocal Box - Drawing 
9 x 12 - Pencil on paper
© 2022 Christopher Burdett
This was the fourth of six smaller pieces I wanted to finish before moving to larger, more involved works in book two. Each section of book two will have at least two supporting art pieces. They will help flesh out the section and add context to things in and beyond the Grand Bazaar. The main art for the first three sections of the book are completed, so it only seemed natural to complete the supporting pieces as well. With them finished, I have moved on to much larger pieces that will keep me in the chair drawing for a while. Here is a look at the sketch for the Yote Vocal Box to show where it began.
Yote Vocal Box - Sketch 
© 2022 Christopher Burdett

As a bonus, I have some images of the rendering process of this piece so that you can get a better idea of it taking shape.   

Yote Vocal Box - Process
© 2022 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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