Friday, July 8, 2022

Interstellar Express Part 3 - Train Concepts

Today, I am continuing my posts focused on my work from Interstellar Express, the educational game I art directed and made many assists. This week I am sharing the concept work that went into the game's train. While the game focuses on the train's travel, you will not see it often. There is an interior that is the backdrop for much of the interactions of the aliens, universal translator, and user. I did not have a chance to do many concepts for this portion of the game, but what I did design was well received. Let's get back to the Interstellar Express!

Interstellar Express space screen
Final art by Lee Bretschneider

I wanted a strong steampunk feel for much of the UI and the train. While that can be seen in the UI work that was done, the train ended up going in a different direction - which can be frustrating when broader design and aesthetic choices are being made. Sometimes visually cohesive elements are switched up, but that is the nature of these things. It is not worth the confrontation or ill will it might generate to hold your ground over something you are making for others. My first concepts were where I wanted the train to lean towards.

Large, chunky, squared off, I was really getting into this direction of the train.

Ultimately, I took the designs in a different direction. If I remember correctly, one of these was chosen. To be honest, the train's exterior is the part of this project I am the least familiar with. It was handed off to another, and the final was approved and went into the game relatively early on. A lot has happened since then, and my brain did not deem it essential to hold onto.

As with the other interiors, I provided a concept of the direction I would be taking. I tried to tie in some Victorian aspects of train interiors with this. This was one of the first environments that I completed since it was going to have such a significant role in the game.

Passenger car interior of the space train.

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here next week! Until then...

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