Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Instagram Palette?

I have been noticing people posting their Instagram palettes, and it got me curious. Why are people posting their Instagram palettes? Still, have not figured it out, but I went and got my own Instagram palette. Not really sure how far back it goes to pull colors, but from the looks of mine, it is mainly pulling from all my toned paper work from the last couple of years. I guess it is pretty neat, though it is out of context for me. For those interested, here is my Instagram color palette...

BEHOLD! My Instagram palette!

And, by the way, if you did not already know, I have an Instagram page you can follow!

I did want to mention I plan on posting a 2018 year in review post. Things are a little crazy right now, and I am doing all I can to make sure it gets written in a timely manner. Sometimes hard to stop writing the book so that I can write about me writing on the book. More on this soon!

That is all for another exciting Wednesday, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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