Friday, October 28, 2016

IX9 - Illuxcon 2016 - Part 2

Wrapping up my visual review of IX9 - Illuxcon 2016 today. If you followed my coverage of previous years you might notice that this year's review is a little different. I have a lot less images of art and other artist's booth and a lot more images of my area and the things I was doing. Being part of the main show did limit how much of the rest of the show I saw, but I did around and tried to see as much as I could. While I was racing around the show I just did not have a lot of time to take images of what I was seeing and frankly, I was happier looking and enjoying and the thought of taking photos didn't really cross my mind. You will just have to come to IX and see it all for yourself.

In many ways, for me at least, the art has become a secondary element to IX. I am there to see the people, namely my friends, coworkers, peers, mentors, bosses, and people I have never met before. The art is great, the art is beautiful, but the human interaction is by far the best part. We catch up, talk shop, complain, celebrate, and have as much fun as a week will allow. Keep in mind I did see some AMAZING art and we brought some of it home with us. I am all for selling and buying art and there was plenty of time spent doing that, but there was even more time spent enjoying the company of those who have walked the same paths.

It is funny how each year is a little different and this year may have been the best yet. But they are all great and all a little different. There will be people that you have never really interacted with before and then one year you are fast friends and people you always hang out with but this year you hardly saw them. This is the way of life and the way of IX. You fine your people and you celebrate the joys of being an artist. Batteries recharge and we all disperse to the four corners of the Earth. All that is lest is to look ahead to next year and the adventures it will bring. Here are more images from my time at IX9...

 Dear Wife surprised me with an Allen Douglas piece that I had had my eye on.
To make it even that much bigger of a surprise, Allen posted on social media that it had sold a few weeks back and he was shipping it out. Aren't they the clever ones!

 Got my hands on one of Jeremy Wilson's portfolio books... with a sketch!
So good and so cool!

 Magic the Gathering sketch card from preview night, this was on the back of an Ancient Carp.

 Another from preview night, a dragon thing on the back of one of my new cards.

 I got to hold in my hands and look at Scott Fischer's Inktober ledger.

 Looking down into the freight elevator shaft.

 Another view of my booth at IX9 if you missed it before.

 Another sketch on the back of an Ancient Carp.
This carp came out as more of a crazy sea serpent thing.

A VERY special drawing on the back of a Narnam Cobra artist proof.

 Another painting that came home with us.
We have had an eye on this Naga by Tom Babbey for a while now... and now it is with us forever.

 A net themed sketch on the back of a Coveted Peacock.

 A Coveted Peacock on the back of a Coveted Peacock.

 One of the many gremlins that I drew at IX.

 The Coveted Peacock was indeed coveted!
Very happy that it went to a good home. RAWR!

 MORE gremlins in a couple different styles.

One of the several really cool costumes at the Showcase on Saturday night.

 The map of Studio 420 with revisions and notes.

 All good things must come to an end and IX is not different.
All my art is packed up and ready for shipment back to Florida.

 Studio 420 is now almost unrecognizable now that all the art and artists are gone.

 Even Medusa is looking a little less like herself now that IX is over.

 The first floor gallery is as I found it on the first day.

 You could hardly tell that we had even been there.
Next year we will need to make more of a permanent mark....

 At night lights zip across the windows of the GoggleWorks.

 Before leaving Reading we did finally get up to see the Reading Pagoda.
The view of Reading at the top of the hill was spectacular. I highly recommend taking the time to get up there and having a look around.

 One last look at the Pagoda before we leave Reading and IX and head towards the airport and home.
Another extremely successful IX with all the fun you could possibly ask for.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here next week! Until then...

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